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The small greatness of Manuel

Gloria Machado León 12 noviembre, 2014

He jumped the world by Guacamaro . And people laughed …

  This decent little boy like a palm.
To whom soul has grown-up , shines his beautiful homeland
It is Cuban to the star and never loses his calm. “
Carilda Oliver Labra

There’s something that surprises and captivates Manuel. It is as natural as the most common life cycles, as elemental as air intuitive intelligence, without which the existential miracle would be impossible.

So Manuel goes around the island, taking from here and there faces that inspire Cuban peasants. So Manuel, unhurried and friendly, and this is how it flows through your vision today’s world takes shapes and strokes.

A singularity in the little grandeur of Manuel’s how seriously Bartering countenance in harmony. Tinged with crisp, tropical colors, figures exude a perceptible tenderness in his eyes and faint signs that describe love.

Manuel guajiras couples communicate an alliance that touches conformism, nostalgia and delight to belong to the green surrounding.

From time to time, if you look closely, you notice that some line of manly arm blended with the shoulder of his companion, as in the oil “Monte Adentro”, or the imperceptible delineation complexion horse merges with hand young guajira, in his “Potrero” or stay on of the big eyes, bowed head and timid gesture of his “Bañista en el San Juan”.

And Manuel said, with the drawn smile, “… the cartoon is stress, while painting reflects the quiet, lyrical, happiness …” and treasured prizes and awards including the Prize of the Town, to appoint him to the CDR, and keeps the memory of D’Manuel Gallery, Matanzas UNEAC initiative, and others like Pablo Picasso Medal, awarded by the World Council of UNESCO or the Gold Medal at the Second Biennial of Humor in Havana and the Great “Aesop Gold Award” received in the International Biennial of Humour and Satire in the Arts, Bulgaria.

The will was insufficient oil painter, then took the matter into their hands and molded ceramic plates and jars, took the tiles and white colored with other images, stories, laughter and fantasy; different episodes, all with a piece of Cuban land. Well what a friend said: .. “He does not need Havana or Paris for his message to be universal.”

As it is right for the folksy genius of the arts, her work has been exhibited at the National Museum of Fine Arts; Museum of Ceramics, Castle of Force in the capital; Bulgaria, Gágrobo Museum of Humor and Satire; also in Warsaw, Poland Muzeum Karikatury; in Danielle Mitterand, Paris, France Foundation; in the Private Collection of Geraldine Chaplin; Compilation of the Works of Mario Benedetti’s family; and likewise, is Manuel, spread on the walls of his beloved Matanzas, which is illustrious son.

Anyway … if you have not been seduced and somewhat perplexed, trying to decipher the message as simply hidden in a work of Manuel, or if you have not ventured to discover his graphic history in numerous magazines and newspapers such as Pigs, Granma, Juventud Rebelde, and others to enjoy his bold criticism, cartoonist perceptively, then it means one of two things: you’ve lost the simple-complex Matanzas artist, opportunity, always remediable, to delve into the world and almost certainly not Cuban art.

Author: Ramos Medina Neyset


Original text by Radio26 Redaction on November 12th, 2014

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