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New experiences in CIT @ tenas 2014 Workshop

Gloria Machado León 13 noviembre, 2014

The VII CIT@ Tenas 2014 Workshop about Science, Technology and Innovation , is taking place in Matanzas since last Tuesday til today, Thursday, November 13th; the meeting makes new experiences that can be generalized for the benefit of researchers and producers in various branches of the economy and services.

The event, sponsored by the Matanzas branch of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (CITMA), with the collaboration of the University of Matanzas, the Center for Information and Technology Management, Academy of Sciences of Cuba, experimental stations pasture and forage Indio Hatuey and citrus Jagiiey Great, and the provincial Directorate of Economy and Planning, as well as Gef-penut Sabana Camaguey project; Biomes-Cuba; Agro-energy; Cloinnovación in agricultural processes to strengthen food sovereignty in Cuba, Local Agricultural Innovation and Enterprise Knowledge Management and technology.

Professionals from various walks of life participate in the event, including researchers, technologists, innovators and managers, who discussed the role of Science, Technology and Innovation in sustainable development.

Forums addressing issues such as Management of Science, Technology and Innovation in the socialist state enterprise and other forms of non-state production; education and scientific culture: its role and challenges; efficiency of science and its transformative impact on society; Scientific challenges for the XXI Century, and local development, strategic planning, knowledge networks and sustainability.

The roundtables are devoted to analyzing the scientific bases and alliances for coastal management; feasibility studies on local development projects; knowledge management and innovation with a focus on sustainable development.

A special panel is responsible for the analysis of integrated and sustainable production of food and energy.


Original text by Roberto Pérez Betancourt on November 13th, 2014

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