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A memorable sentence

Gloria Machado León 21 noviembre, 2014

Juan Gualberto Gómez and Martí conspired in Havana to organize what would be the Little War. The Spaniards deported first Martí and then Juan Gualberto.

From 1880-1882 the famous mulatto found deported as a prisoner, first at the Castle El Hacho in Ceuta and then lets you keep Spain from prison and settled in Madrid. In this city cultivates amista Rafael María de Labra, Emilio Castelar, Santiago Ramón y Cajal and others.

In Spain writes in The Abolitionist newspaper, La Tribuna, El Pueblo and El País. They all defended the abolitionist and separatist ideas. He was also a correspondent for The Fight of Havana.

When you return to Havana resumed publishing his newspaper The Fellowship but this time in a larger format so called «The Great Brotherhood «. It is in this book where he wrote his famous article entitled «Our purpose» which discloses its plans, calling the struggle to defend the freedoms and rights of Cubans and considering the cornerstone of this struggle, the unity of the white races and black. It was an inspired material sought union to achieve separation of Cuba from Spain.

Shortly thereafter publish another article, this time under the title «Why we are separatists Which leads professing faith not hate Spain for professing a desire to separate from her and says: «Nothing narrower and ridiculous that mode of arguing «.

Continues to expose the newly married woman leaving the parental home not in hatred of the parents but to begin a new independent life at home with the husband. He concludes: «... the hour of warm hug goodbye and that luck protect us both.»

This article considers subversive government and therefore he instructs a lawsuit in which he is sentenced to three years imprisonment in jail in Havana. In Spain his friend Rafael María de Larra lodged an appeal against the judgment before the Supreme Court of the Metropolis and gets appeal when Juan Gualberto Gomez had served eight months of unjust imprisonment. The opinion of the Spanish Court considered that the defense of separatism peacefully was no crime.

Calixto García considered the importance of the obtained fault and writes to Juan Gualberto Gómez saying:

«…  you are the only Cuban who has had the courage to support their ideas in the press in Cuba, and I think more it takes courage to do what you. He has done that to fight on the field with the Goths » (referring to the Spanish)

In the colonial authorities were not escaped the importance of this fact. The Captain General and Governor of the Isle of Polavieja Camilo García wrote at the time in his memoirs «My policy on Cuba,» referring to the absolutive appeal: «… the day that judgment was signed, abandon the means to hold ur sovereignty the island of Cuba «

At another point Martí would say: «We are doing both propaganda to create, first separatist, revolutionary afterwards.»

So was the fight of Juan Gualberto Gómez, the famous patriot of the province, to be better and better known by current generations.


Original text by Dr. Arnaldo Jiménez de la Cal on November 21st, 2014

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