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“Joining Wills … ..”

Gloria Machado León 3 diciembre, 2014

Under the slogan “Joining Wills”, it is held in  Matanzas, and throughout Cuba, the International Week of Equal Opportunities between November 27th and December the 3rd, instituted by the United Nations World Day persons with Disabilities.

Raising public awareness about the social inclusion of these individuals and make visible their achievements, is the permanent goal of this campaign was hosted since 2011 by the Cuban Association of Physical Engines (ACLIFIM)

Although the main activities of the day are held in the capital, in all territories and Cuban ACLIFM members, the National Association for the Blind (ANCI), the National Association of the Deaf (ANSOC) and centers municipalities special education initiatives align with dissimilar to the commemoration.

The program includes sports and cultural events, discussions on topics of interest and exchanges of fraternization with institutions and government entities in order to ratify the support provided by the Revolution to the dignity and rights of people with disabilities.

In the words of the national president of the ACLIFIM, Mabel Ballesteros “The actions taken, mostly emphasize the role of people with disabilities as creative, participatory and unique potentialities beings, leaving aside the old mentality overprotection and exclusion by their physical limitations, sensory or intellectual

Besides planned in Matanzas territory was envisaged as a core activity recognition offered by the Business Group of trades “Gardis” On the 3rd, the special workshop for disabled people in the town of Jovellanos receiving condition Reference Unit for their productive results and full integration into the social life achieved by its workers.

Similar agasajo have four other workshops belonging to the towns of Limonar, Colon, Cardenas and Varadero, although generally in the 15 centers of this type existing in the province various initiatives and exhibitions which occur daily and men are made life women who drew differences with fixed tracks, but failed mutilarles the ability to create.

In these units working people with disabilities and intellectual, a group of them with administrative or union and one of its main production lines is making crafts responsibilities, some traded currency and other high demand in the domestic currency market.


Original text by Yovana Baró Álvarez on December the 3rd, 2014

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