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Tourism workers make the difference

Gloria Machado León 4 diciembre, 2014

A selection that fixes all its senses in the integrity of its workforce, gives greater merit to the already recognized demonstrated ability of some 19,000 men and women who work in the tourism sector in Matanzas, Cuba’s westernmost province that has in Varadero the main pole of sun and sand of the island.

According to the Ministry of Tourism in Matanzas properties, the season has just begun rising priority attention devoted to its workforce, particularly related to the language requirements, essential to achieve excellence in services and personalized attention demanded by various market segments.

In that sense, it has been weighted effort of employees for mastery of several languages, as recently could be checked by this writer in the Royal Hicacos hotel where internal customers and do not conform to speak two languages besides mother tongue as was stated by the Deputy Director of Human Resources, Maricel Muñiz Blanco.

“The international tourism industry is increasingly competitive and demanding, so no one can be content with speaking English or French. The heterogeneity of the visitors forced to communicate in all possible variants, “he said.

Anyone interested in working at this facility, you must master exactly at least one language. Here are the requirements here, “he said.

From the integral formation of human resources in Matanzas could not speak without mentioning the role played by the school system of the Cuban Tourism Ministry, known as FORMATUR, institutions where year after year hundreds of workers received training in various specialties, call season come down.

Although this massive way to train employees moved to a more selective education system, FORMATUR continues its purpose graduating youth in their classrooms equipped with the best tools.

The priority tourism enterprise system grants its human resources and investments that he performs, are constantly tested by the visitors, who in polls value their performance. The last of these polls grant scores above 4 points, which speaks volumes for the quality with which they operate.

A few days ago, the German Bernard Meyer, CEO of Meliá Las Américas, in the resort of Varadero, weighed to the website of the weekly Workers high professionalism that characterizes employees under his command, a behavior that consistently praise the customers, assuring foreign manager.

Meant to said digital edition that the friendliness, the way that Cubans are related to tourists is what makes the difference in a center where facilities are almost all alike and have the common element of exquisite beach of Varadero.


Original text by Juanita Perdomo Larezada on December 4th, 2014

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