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The delegate of Jagüey Grande

Gloria Machado León 5 diciembre, 2014

Three decades in the complex responsibility of the delegate of the People´s Power demonstrate the tenacity of Alberto Pablo Medina and elicits praise

Alberto Pablo Medina Ramirez serves as Chief of Popular Power for 30 years. It is perhaps one of the most famous people in the municipality of Jagüey Grande and one of the oldest in the province in this new form of government, born in 1974.

Three decades in the popular complex responsibility demonstrate their toughness and raises praise even the most indifferent people.

Entertaining and lighthearted talk, this 63-year-old describes himself as an optimist on end. «I am not of those who are daunted soon, I struggle every day, despite the difficulties, and go to the bottom of problems,» admits the 21 constituency delegate and chairman of the South People’s Council in Jagiiey Grande.

For Olga Lidia Suarez, a veteran teacher in that territory, under the best Medina is always placed in the human angle of the most difficult issues. Sometimes approaches and concerns of people whose solution is not in his hands, but he can say things and think without prejudice.

Citrus agronomist and specialist technical, Medina admits to not make commitments you can not keep. Believes that the most important is not only interested in the main issues that concern the life of the population, but bring out the greatest strengths of the people, especially the younger ones, which usually are the ones who promote initiatives.

He reasons that «the difficulties will not stop today for tomorrow, of course, but it is important that citizens have a more active participation in the neighborhood.»

Among the qualities that should characterize a delegate says, mentions sensitivity, intelligence and honesty, and emphasizes the need to rigorously prepare to listen to voters and interpret every situation no matter how difficult. Says that people wait for an answer and honesty is the only way to argue it, whether or not immediate solution.

Admits air of importance that voters recognize their delegates for the frankness with which these defend the criteria and principles of the people who elected them.

«I have a working system that is based essentially on visiting and be aware of the 12 constituencies of my popular advice. I am always available for my constituents. »

How do you explain such perseverance?

‘I love what I do. In all these years I have become a better person. Also count on the support of family and appreciation of the people, that is determinative. That helps me grow me in the bad times.

Is there reviewers that the delegate is sometimes just a tramitador message?

-In That we could become if our roles were wrong. I try to follow up each of the approaches and concerns, do not go unheeded. I am inflexible with the bungling of the administrative departments, and do my best to create a breathable for administrators respond to the concerns of the population atmosphere.

Heberto Martínez Pérez, president of People’s Power in the municipality of Jagüey Grande, said that Medina is a person of great spirit, effective in their work and enduring convictions.

«It’s going to end details. Work hard to provide answers and quick fixes. By the number of years at that distinguish it as the delegate of Jagüey Grande. As president of the People’s Council has its delegates as if they were students. It is one that teaches, controls and cares. Sometimes you go overboard, but people want and admires «.


Original text by Idania Godoy Tápanes on December 4th, 2014

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