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Open wings toward freedom

Gloria Machado León 25 noviembre, 2015

The words come alive and become daggers. Impair your decisions and hinder the search for a way out. There are many women in the world living taht way. Some do not recognize that they are the target of abuse and humiliation, others cover their pain and instead of love, they only receive physical injuries. Despite the strides of society there are still prejudices about women. The manifestations of violence are diverse, they can be subtle and go unnoticed. Generally they are aware of them when they have left significant consequences on the victim.

A call for global reflection

The Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women is celebrated on November 25 every year. The date was chosen to commemorate the Mirabal sisters, three political activists who were brutally murdered in 1960 on orders of Dominican ruler Rafael Trujillo (1930-1961).

This International Day for the Eradication of Gender Violence is an opportunity for people to renew their commitment to prevent and eradicate all forms of violence against women and girls.

The activities take place throughout the year, but in November brings a day of struggle for the eradication of gender violence. This time the orange represents the fight against a disease that afflicts dissimilar families. The world is a comfort to help find solutions and heal wounds that damage beyond the skin.

Blows to the soul

Psychological violence, also known as emotional violence is a form of abuse and is in one of the categories within the domestic violence.

As reported by Maria Teresa López Camacho, member of the provincial secretariat of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC), violence against women is nothing but the power relationship of men to women and where there is always a person is subjected. There are several types of violence: physical, economic, sexual and psychological; all with severe impact on other family members.

The effects may go to an unsafe configuration, dependent and isolated personality. Violence brings control, devaluation, suffering, humiliation, damage to self-esteem of the person, the degradation of values ​​and minimization of the female figure.

When the abused person has a dependent relationship with the perpetrator, whether economic or emotional, it is very difficult to get out of the situation. The house of family orientation of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC) may be a way out, the space dedicated its work to guide people who come seeking help and educate people in need. Currently some women do not recognize when they are victims, they lose sight that even silence can be painful.

«Besides going to the House of Women Orientation can go to the Prosecutor’s Office and the National Revolutionary Police where they will find support,» said Lopez Camacho.

When the seeds are damaged

In households where the mother is abused, so are the children. Although eyewitnesses are the consequences for their survival can be dangerous.

In the minors if the aggression is against it can be harmful to your health. When the events displayed their growth can be affected and affects insecure people with low self-esteem and in the future may play the observed patterns.

You need to work on family education, the first school of man to avoid aggressive behavior. Sometimes they are the ones that encourage the mother to leave the relationship or are likely to be brought about to protect.

Also, psychological aggression can influence children with psychological damage that affect their development. The words of Maria Teresa Lopez Camacho, member of the Provincial Secretariat of the FMC, lived to tell work together with the chairs of gender Matanzas universities and other centers at the provincial level. In all these areas the educational work, especially among young people is strengthened.

Eva tells her story

«What did he say? Why did? Thousand questions unanswered. I felt a great pain in my whole body. «Tears entrecortaron his voice. Eva remembers the tears of past suffering agony and covered by shouts and threats.

«I did not understand at what point caused his anger (misplace the ashtray ?, I did not like the food?). His face was transformed like a madman without limits. I know I should have gone after the first shots, but returned. Why? Because I do not think this can be happening to me. It is impossible for someone who claimed to love me could treat me that way. After the insults and shouts always remember his voice apologizing a thousand times … I stopped feeling. And stop feeling, I also closed my eyes to see. «

Stories how are you persist in the memories of the victims. Various experiments are behind the voice of Eve. They are the stories of several women plunged into the desolation of physical and psychological abuse. Other they loaded on his shoulders stories with tragic endings to their families.

Seeking help, fearless, firm at the helm that enrumbe life is an opportunity. The decision is in the hands of many females to open the wings, orange today, and soar into the sky in search of freedom.

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