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Matanzas youth in times of economic renovation

Gloria Machado León 27 noviembre, 2015

The incorporation of young people from Matanzas to the updating of the Cuban economic model is crucial in these times where increased production and make economic improvement are keynotes for both, the country and for those who work with the State or those who are taken in new ways non-state employment.
The contribution of young workers and the responsibility to help them with the development of the current changes are felt in our society where many feel committed to their collaboration from his job title.

And it is just that, this Matanzas youth identifies with the progress of the Revolution, is aware that the struggle for economic efficiency and raise production levels are impregnated premises in their daily work at the same time is the best way to eliminate indiscipline, crime and corruption.

It has also made clear that the country should open the doors to any external source of financing that benefits the economy and make the necessary resources to stimulate consumption and development.
Our contribution is decisive in the province. The direct link to the new changes, therefore the implementation of non-agricultural cooperatives in various activities such as way that best suits the interests of the Cuban model collective property as well as the contributions of self-employed in the boom taking territory.

Decisive and update times.

We are at a decisive stage where economic results, although not up to the needs, short-term changes become visible. The commitment of young Matanzas with the update is a set of multifactorial elements that foster the conditions we need in the future.

According to the member of the Political Buro and Economy Minister Marino Murillo Jorge, updating the economic model in Cuba progresses, the expected and prudence required pace, but many dissatisfaction of the workers are pinning their hopes on a Cuba prosperous and sustainable.

On the way to achieve a promising future, Matanzas has untapped reserves of efficiency in key sectors such as tourism. The province receives about 40 percent of visitors to the country, offering employment opportunities with attractive working proposals and the impact of his work has a multiplier effect on the life of the municipalities with tourist facilities and extra hotel, where a negligible figure of young people play and leadership positions.

It is clear that the problems facing the Cuban economy will not be solved immediately need the participation of all, engage and understand the perspectives that concern us with the implementation of new forms of payment by results in order to intensify the development of capital and promote greater social welfare.

With the discussion and subsequent implementation of the Guidelines for Economic and Social Policy of the Party and the Revolution where young people played a pivotal role in the debates held in each of the agencies and institutions has been sought as a main strategy inclusion of every young person in new projects.

The first step is gaining an understanding of the issues, a process that is conceptual advances, to lay the foundations so that in practice it can execute the changes, as I said the historic leader of the Revolution «… changing everything that must be changed … «

Protagonists have their say

Ruben Medina, Matanzas young graduate of the University of Computer Sciences (UCI), who works as a computer scientist in one of the Joven Club de Computación in Limonar, says its contribution to the economy is given in the results is taxed at its center work, achievements reflected in benefits for himself and for the institution.

The transformations experienced by the country and which are reflected in the territory, motivates young Reuben are tempted to take moonlighting available as occupational needs and ultimately become opportunities that provide economic improvement but also bring to the country.

The degree in Physical Culture, Yasmani Matachana works as rehabilitation in the Hall of territory and is one of those who thinks that the implementation of payment by results in the companies and the rise of non-state employment encourages many young people trust the new perspectives enabling them to contribute to the province’s economy grow.

Youth who work in senior positions aware of the need to support the changes taking place in Matanzas as Lisbeth Garcia, manager of currency Collector Shop Illusion, consider their contribution is given in the labor reorganization of the institution where payment by results, compliance with the sales plan encourages improve business management for more benefits.

The updating of the economic model is a work in progress where there are elements that must be reoriented, as in the case of the existence of the dual currency that restricts and hinders the vast majority of transactions both at enterprise and social level.

Proper planning of the state budget, the supply of goods to facilitate the implementation of sales plans in the business units, as well as meet the needs of the self-employed, import substitution, are some of the guidelines that need a critical look for redirect to the correct path of the country’s economic model.



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