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When fire powers the art

Gloria Machado León 27 noviembre, 2015

On the property it is exposed part of the creation of previous editions.

What is the mystery of this place? What makes it such a unique place as all advertised me? Are they actual coincidence what gives it the name …? It was embedded in my thoughts that Monday morning. I was watching the everyday landscapes, as my eyes are used to by the Central Highway since they see them quite often. And even turning around the issue over and over again, I could have never imagined the beauty that awaited us in that magical place, located near the Jovellanos municipality. Coincidencias, they repeated me … and what could they be? There was still a few hours to find out.

Among the haste of work, writing notes and interviews with participants in the fifth Art of Fire Biennial , I forgot for a moment to observe the soul. And right there, it was where were the answers he sought.

 Hector Correa came to this site when he was young, he says, chasing a dream. And their beards have clareado between grays and whites and, even though his gestures betray agility and dexterity in his eyes over the years reflects the consequences of a lifetime working in the field.

Maybe when he graduated agronomist already had an idea, but I’m sure he never imagined he would be able to convert a farm in a piece of land where dreams are planted and harvested love and appreciation.

And, those visiting the farm Coincidencias, just nine kilometers from the town by the main road Jovellanos, can not fail to give a tribute to her eyes and spirit. In normal days this corner of the world balances the hustle, though silent, they say, has never been.

During my stay on the farm I remembered the years of my childhood, the usual care, without expecting anything in return, are able to give these men from the trench or a house of boards, observe the earth giving birth, offering fruits to the effort everyday of their farmers.

Is this humble people that puts you the dish on the table without even asking if you are eating, which can not miss a cup of freshly brewed coffee when work called at dawn, even when the roosters have not yet awakened. That is also the Correa family.

Amid the bustle and noise shaping around the far mud observe such a simple woman as a vase on hold the process of biscuit, unadorned his modesty and his love for his family; one whose look, after 28 years of marriage, betrays even the brightness of that first day he met Hector.

For those years, Odalys, a recent graduate of Art History, returned to Jovellanos to build a house and permutarla to Havana, where he worked in the  Nacional Museum of Fine Arts… the girl dreamed of making his life in the capital, where Hysterical and hectic streets demanding his presence.

But as life is as changeable as unpredictable, she met the man with whom until now shares his life and then came a magical coincidence, thanks to the art and agriculture combined to make this setting, in other times forgotten among weeds, in a mythical place, dreamy … a true temple where every two years, the potters of Cuba and the world, are the cozy shelter they need to create art in the temple fire.

Nature, imagination and dedication combine to give us an unforgettable experience. Only to return to the city noise and busy passers overwhelmed, just as the night threatened to darken the sky, I could understand the most beautiful of the matches.

Odalys and Hector together, which complemented the sculptures that adorn their yards with the vagaries of the country place that all promise to return …

A man and a woman escaped a biblical passage, who served them as inducements love and hopes to turn the farm Coincidencias, in a piece of paradise, admired even by those who, say the believers, created in just six days the world.

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