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Sharing the love for baseball brings us closer

Gloria Machado León 30 noviembre, 2015
From December 17th , 2014, grudges and hatred gave way to an atmosphere of closeness and affection between the peoples of the United States and Cuba. The recent visit of the University of Pennsylvania showed the value of dialogue and cooperation to strengthen the ties interrupted more than 50 years ago. «It is a great honor for me and for the team to play especially in Matanzas, because of the big story that has the baseball here. It was amazing, the people are very friendly, we learned a lot about  Cubans, about culture, history and passion for baseball, we would definitely like to return one day «

On the left, Rob Cooper, principal.

So the tour of Cuba appreciated the principal, Rob Cooper. The head of the US delegation Rick Kaluza also highlighted the contributions of stay in Cuban territory stating that «with the renewed relations between Cuba and the USA is invaluable to our program is the first to come here. Players and representation have had a ton of culture and experience would not have had otherwise. «

Beyond the results in the field of ball visitors they showed admiration for baseball players and Antilleans.

«They are one of the best in the world, play with pride and have many good players,» said Rob Cooper. About Kaluza said: «Baseball in Cuba is a sport first, we as Americans learn a lot about the culture of the sport»

The starting pitcher against the Crocodiles of Matanzas, Eli Nabholz, political science student, recognized equally amazing the way you play in the Cubans and called it «an absolute art», also concluded that «they are very aggressive, well and truly out to hit. «

Valid to note that the northern university taught some qualities to the players of the National Series. Despite the youth, they showed understanding and sport. The member of the national commission, Yovani Aragon, emphasized mastering the basics in every challenge this event and welcomed the new panorama of relations between Cuba and the United States.

The University of Pennsylvania, founded in 1855, is one of the top 15 public schools in his country. Currently it offers more than 160 programs of study and muscle activity plays a decisive role in the actions of the house of higher learning.

«Once every four years we have a sports program that allows us to travel. One of our employees in school Olympics had the idea of ​​coming to Cuba because he had connection with a teacher named John Nichols who spent most of the time here, «Kaluza said about gestated the tour. Likewise, he said that volleyball and wrestling can be «perfect candidate» for something similar.

Sport and specifically baseball constitute a bridge between the two countries to further improve relations. Rob Cooper did not hesitate to affirm: «We share a love of baseball and when people share something they love, that makes them closer.»

The academic and sports exchanges between the two countries is an incentive for Americans to travel and know Cuba.

Rick Kaluza sent a message to his countrymen: «I would say that as they continue improving relations between countries, highly recommend the Americans come to Cuba to learn about the culture and traditions, not only from a baseball standpoint but from historical perspective. «

Undoubtedly, share experiences with Pennsylvania State University will open the way to other institutions for future meetings. The spirit of respect and admiration mark the path of the links between neighbors.

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