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The Granma continues sailing forward to the futuro

Gloria Machado León 30 noviembre, 2015
The landing of the 82 expeditionaries of the Granma yacht on December 2nd, 1956, off the eastern coast of Belic, marked a decisive stage of the Cuban people for their legitimate independence that would lead to triumph over defending dictatorial forces of oligarchic interests proimperialists.  In the mangrove swamps of Las Coloradas the rebel army was born, the embryo of the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR). Therefore at the time of the landing of undefeated yacht, the people of Cuba celebrates the Day of the Revolutionary Armed Forces,  with entertainments on these men and women who safeguard the citizen quietness and are awarded or promoted to the next grade.

Undoubtedly this is an important event in the history of the Greater Antilles, because those men, inexperienced in warfare, embodied libertarian decision of 68 and 95, ready to bring to its logical conclusion the definitive measures announced by the leader of the Revolution Fidel Castro Ruz, materialized in the assault on the Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Cespedes on July 26, 1953 barracks.

The December 5th at Alegria de Pio the expedition had their baptism of fire in direct confrontation definitely sealed the only alternative: to fight and win.

From the military point of view it was a temporary setback, but it served to learn and heroism preparation needed to succeed. Only seven weapons remained in the hands of the revolutionaries after that battle, but enough to multiply. They began to reorganize with renewed vigor and within three years the army of tyranny, supposedly invincible, had been liquidated and the people wielding guns that one day he wielded against the nation.

In 59 years of this momentous historical event, the FAR are the main force, organized, trained and properly armed, able to face any enemy aggression, true legacy of heroes and martyrs. The Granma continues on the path of victories led by our dear Fidel, with forward into the future.
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