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International Day of People with Disabilities is celebrated in Matanzas

Gloria Machado León 4 diciembre, 2015
Holding a provincial festival of music fans, the Cuban Association for people with Physical-Motor Disabilities (ACLIFIM) in  Matanzas province culminated on Thursday its international week of equal opportunities as it is usually celebrated annually from  November 27th to December the 3rd, instituted by the United Nations as the International Day of People with Disabilities. The Bonifacio Byrne House of Culture of Matanzas city hosted the artistic event in which competed around 15 representatives of ACLIFIM from various municipalities and they showed their melodic potential in order to classify for the national event, based in Villa Clara in March 2016.

Raising public awareness about the social inclusion of individuals with disabilities and make visible their achievements is the permanent objective of this conference which was hosted since 2011 by the ACLIFIM and is also held by members of the Blind National Association (ANCI), the Deaf National Association (ANSOC) and special education centers that align with dissimilar to the commemoration initiatives.

During the week and especially this day, in the municipalities of Matanzas territory they varied cultural, sports and recreational activities with the active participation of partners ACLIFIM, ANCI and ANSOC were developed.

Similarly, with their own initiatives groups of 15 special workshops in the province, attended by subordinate entities and Gardis Design Group Guarantee, Matanzas, they celebrated on December the 3rd the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

The program included the recognition of the founders and workers highlights of each center and exhibition which daily produce men and women to whom life predetermined tracks mapped differences but failed mutilarles the ability to create.

In these mixed units working around 150 people with physical, sensory or intellectual impairments, a group of them with administrative or union responsibilities and one of its main production lines are making crafts, some marketed in other currencies and high demand in the domestic currency market.

According to the World Health Organization and Pan American Health Organization (PAHO and WHO) estimates that about 15 percent of the world population, which equals one billion people, live with disabilities, while the Americas between 140 and 180 million people suffer from such limitations.

The disability can affect all sectors of society and we need to continue developing policies that recognize and promote the health and well-being for all people equally, as a fundamental human right, regardless of their functional status.

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