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Matanzas, a city of firsts events

Gloria Machado León 8 diciembre, 2015
Matanzas has marvels that are obvious, insurmountable wonders that make the site where the visitors always want to return and its inhabitants are nostalgic interpone.  And beyond the intoxicating charm of being bohemian in their narrow streets, of sitting with a guitar in  the hands at the Liberty Square, of  loving the nights sleeping or bathing in tennis beach at midnight, Matanzas city encloses what it might be called mysteries, vagaries of nature and legends.

Matanzas stands out for its importance in terms of various expressions of social life within the country, including abundant historical events, cultural events, famous people and research.

But what makes this, our Athens in a unique geographic space within the island? What events happened first here than anywhere else in Cuba?

Among the most significant occurred in Matanzas city are capture by the Dutch admiral Pieter general and Hayn, in 1628, one of the silver fleets bound for Spain with a cargo of gold. Based on this event, Matanzas is the only city in Cuba mentioned the anthem of another country, in this case the Netherlands.

St. Elizabeth Hospital opened in the neighborhood of Versailles on July 24, 1838, built by Julius Sagebien on land provided by Eloy Navia. He was considered the best in the country during the nineteenth century and is the oldest hospital in Cuba installation functions.

The excellent acoustics and breath are marked neoclassical features Italian Daniel Dall’Aglio you printed the Sauto Theatre, National Monument, inaugurated with the name of Esteban, April 6, 1863. It is the only one who still has a hand machinery operation to lift the audience from the stage and into a ballroom.

Some of the peculiarities that stand in Matanzas are the depth of the bay with over 712 meters, which makes it the deepest of Cuba; it is also a rarity that has no frontal Cathedral square, which is considered an exceptional case.

Furthermore, in Matanzas we find as many stairs streets of the island and one of the most narrow roads, with less than a meter from wall to wall.

In the city there was one of the few houses that are known chains in Cuba, located in the housing Amoedo. In that home if an inmate could hold on to the chains, he was safe from their punishable acts.

The only museum that houses a mummified body is the Palacio de Junco, which is Petronila Margarita Josefa Ponce de León. Among the ancient capital of Cuba, Matanzas can show the foundations of its founding church and equally notable for the number of nicknames that is known, 18 in total.

The King of Mambo, Dámaso Perez Prado, born in Matanzas in 1916, while the first danzonete, Rompiendo la rutina, was also born here and was released in 1929 in the old Spanish Casino.

Danzon, national dance of Cuba, was officially unveiled on January 1879, when Miguel Failde debuted with Las Alturas de Simpson  at Matanzas Club. Well, the only nineteenth-century French apothecary who fully preserved in the world is in Matanzas, the first pharmaceutical museum founded in Latin America.

 Dolores Figueroa from Matanzas was the first pharmaceutical Cuba woman and first Cuban National Poet said, Bonifacio Byrne, was also Matanzas.

This is the only city with a declared National Monument Cave: Bellamar Caves. Furthermore, in the Castle of San Severino the only Museum of the Slave Route in Cuba within the UNESCO program was created. With cultural purposes was created in Pueblo Nuevo Alley Traditions, unique of its kind in Cuba, to revitalize existing African traditions in the yumurino territory.

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