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The title of Adoptive Children of Cardenas was confered to the the Cuban Five

Gloria Machado León 8 diciembre, 2015

On behalf of theGreater Antilles  people last Sunday the sixteenth anniversary of the Battle of Ideas was recalled with a political-cultural gala held at the movie theater in Cardenas, Matanzas. The ceremony had the presence of the Five Heroes of the Republic of Cuba, their wives, mothers and sons.  The Municipal Assembly of Popular Power in that locality conferred the title of  adopted children of Cardenas city to our brothers Ramón, Antonio, Fernando, René and Gerardo for being examples of the most genuine values ​​of Cuban youth, together with its revolutionary determination, dedication, patriotism, unyielding will and especially their struggle in defense of peace and justice for the sake of a better world.

Elián González Brotón thanked the historic leader of the Revolution their concern for him when he was kidnapped in Miami, next to the Cuban people and friends of other nationalities. Thanks to this solidarity today he is happy in the country next to his real family «and received values ​​that have allowed me to be a young man of the moment with a rush to serve society,» he said.

Cub hero, Gerardo Hernandez Nordela with moving words praised Juan Miguel Gonzalez and his beautiful family, who played a pspel in history without being prepared and defended her son fiercely. That example was recognized in the world «and we also strengthened us,» he said.

He recalled that Jorge Rodriguez, the former director of Radio Fe, La Poderosa, Juan Miguel offered two million dollars for her to stay in Miami, know how little patriotism of the Cubans!

Hernandez, on behalf of the Five, said his salary to the people of Cardenas for having awarded the title of adoption of the city of Cardenas, who shared with his brothers Juan Miguel and Elian. He reiterated that they can never o9lvidar solidarity of Cardenenses through many actions and marches that contributed to their returns to the island.

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