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The survival of a nickname

Gloria Machado León 17 febrero, 2016
A year ago I’d be writing about the survival of a nickname: Matanzas, the Athens of Cuba. By then, the unfortunate change of a lofty epithet for “sleeping city”, “Athens of Cuba” or “The embarrassment of Cuba” would have taken greater resonance. But I prefer to raise now a barricade against this and stand up for what has not been invaded by cultural dream, which has resisted oblivion and to the bite of the errors that have ever died like that violin Titanic rescued after years of sinking.

We remain bountiful land of educated men. The almost obligatory nap does not imply lack of artistic talent. Occasionally surprised the name of a young Matanzas has knocked on the doors of success as musicians Alejandro Falcon, Fidel Leal or the reincarnation of the virtuous Miguel Faílde Etiel. In some ways seem to be embryonic site poets, puppeteers stand with prizes in New York …, wit is sharp, but the flashing splendor.

Recently, a man sat next to me in the Sala White and confessed that would collect each of the handbills of the opening day of the exhibition. Some say those papers where they are already yellow in a drawer. Comes from the first to the concerts, it has done since the age of four and did their parents and grandparents. He waited impatiently for more than a decade to repeat. Needless to add anything else. Never before have I seen a more worthy act of matanceridad.

You and I are the army of the city, others can manipulate the threads of the right or crazy decisions, but we all carry in your fist, feel the systole and diastole because a place Patria otherwise never be hurt us his fevers .

I share somehow the nickname sleeping city, you have glimpses of truth. Being dead does not mean asleep and sleeping, ever awake.

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