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The sad reminder of the Sleeping City

Gloria Machado León 25 febrero, 2016

Despite the tradition of closing the doors of the houses early and observe  deserted the streets when night looms, the Matanzas reality has changed gradually.

These days many of the Matanzas people waiting at the Liberty square to communicate with their families, approach and they seem to be  curious at the Sala White. Most of them are young people, whose only memory of the institution was the site of a lifeless, always restoration.

It seems that the Athens of Cuba began to awaken from their slumber gradually. In a few years perhaps the cultural movement of the city of drag truly to the masses, get busy streets until dawn and witness the glorious rebirth of Matanzas, not only in art, but in other social assurances that affect equal how cultural development.

It could be that the artistic proposals truly meet the preferences of its inhabitants, the infrastructure is strong enough to lean over her optimum enjoyment of a people eager for such events, that all institutions provide services and not have to suffer the despair of seeing any silent, inert, empty, as if dead.

In a few years perhaps, in some way be surprised the sleeping Kills these times, you can backtrack late to see the sun in its narrow streets. But I really want to spend the time and that this city finally wake up, without the Matanzas Sauto theater or concert hall, is only a sad memory.


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