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Prevention is better than healing

Gloria Machado León 26 febrero, 2016
For that saying that says that prevention is better than cure, the state and the Cuban government, under the leadership of the Ministry of Public Health, develops a program to control and eliminate the vector Aedes aegypti, which requires all seriousness, respect and discipline by the executors and the population to which it is addressed.

In this confrontation the transmitter vector of dengue virus, Chikungunya and Zika, survive factors related to inadequate technical quality of work vector, low risk perception and poor environmental sanitation. Negative actions conducive to the spread of these diseases do not distinguish age or social group.

Although for zika there is no vaccine or preventive treatment, the most common symptoms: mild headaches, skin rashes, fever, malaise, conjunctivitis and loss of appetite, among others, usually last 4 to 7 days.

The international health emergency alarm given by the World Health Organization about this virus is related, although not scientifically proven, with pregnant mothers and their fetuses, since there have been cases of infants with microcephaly.

Babies who suffer from this deformation or small brain size with neurological defects and seizures, and impaired intellectual development.

For these reasons the public are urged to cooperate with health authorities to implement properly without diverting resources or loss of time, vector control strategies.

Respecting territorial plans related to fumigation and insecticide application, besides fighting from each household, work-study center and all the communal areas of fields and cities, is not an option: it is an imperative.

Urges that this program of intensive sanitation, which are also involved agencies and mass organizations, you act with full awareness against anything that might encourage the spread of epidemics that threaten people’s health.

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