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The book of the Cuban Five was presented at the University of Matanzas

Gloria Machado León 26 febrero, 2016

As a continuation of the twenty-fifth Cuba 2016 International Fair, was presented at the University of Matanzas the  The Five Cubans book, that reads about their lives in the American working class. Teachers, administrators, students and workers and other guests of the subsidiary History of this territory attended.

The volume of US publisher Pathfinder collected experiences of the Five antiterrorist fighters for more than three decades in US jails. Fundamentally the example of strength, endurance and loyalty to the homeland of these men stands out, which radiated in the American working class. This title summarizes published in English over forty photos provided by The Five and fellow jail.

Fernando González Llort, one of the Five and vice president of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP), praised the selfless work of Pathfinder Press for their publications in books, brochures and magazines related to the reality of the Revolution in Cuba , stories of prison life in the United States and written resistance Gerardo Hernandez and Ramon Labañino, the savagery of the US justice system and how the media do not report.

The director of ICAP also referred to thirteen percent of the black population with a racial discrimination is not separated from the class issues. It is they who make up the poorest part, together with Latinos, who in federal prisons are much higher than the proportion represented within the nation portion. That in turn has an impact on the political system of the United States, because many of them when they leave prison, in addition to facing difficulties rejoin society and earn a living honestly, states deny them the opportunity to vote and then they end up being eliminated from the possibility of electing their candidates.

Teresa Rubio Pérez, delegate of ICAP in Matanzas, delivered a ceramic artist Manuel Hernández to the American editor Mary Alice Waters, in recognition of her publications at Sierra Escambray, Playa Giron, Fidel and Che, among other materials.


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