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Gloria Machado León 27 febrero, 2016

With a lecture on the emergence and evolution of the areas of Matanzas Botanical Garden (JBM), took place this last Friday of February the 6th National Day of Botany, based at the University of Matanzas.

During the conference the lawyer Yamile Rodriguez Bárzaga yumurino exposed the peculiarities of Eden, located within the university campus and only the next country to the coast, reason has a large number of species of coastal thickets.

Next to that plant population of JBM stand 95 botanical families, more than 300 thousand trees and 19 species endemic to the west, and a martiano forest with varieties described by the Man in the White Rose in his campaign diary.

Those attending the Botany National Day also exchanged with specialists and students of Agricultural Sciences senior house matancera studies on the work of biodiversity conservation and sustainable development strategies applied in areas of natural interest the province.

In this event, held to honor the Cuban Botanical Day, which is celebrated every February 27th to recognize Antonio Julian Baldomero Acuña Galé, from Camagüey, which was dedicated to the scientific and educational work with numerous contributions to knowledge agro-botanist in the Greater Antilles, the work of Lenia Robledo Ortega said.

The Lenia teacher, as all you, and founder and director of JBM known until 2013, maintains a constant research and conservationist activity with their students.

Jose Marti……………….


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