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An old mean brought to our times

Gloria Machado León 29 febrero, 2016

Thinking about the radio today will take us to investigate its emergence. But I do not dedicate myself to review the history of the mean when is even more important to analyze where the paths of such a massive support head foward.

Many may think that radio is no longer effective at the height of the XXI century, because of the technological revolution that every day brings out new ways to sell and consume information and entertainment. But the fact is that, examining the phenomenon at national and provincial context, outside the limited access existing in the island’s network of networks, the radio media remains one of the most sought by the population.

However, one wonders whether we are able to exploit the advantages it offers. On countless occasions own technological deficiencies and the fact that it is a very underrated medium, although it may be the most immediate, which provides as much information and more directly receives the heat of households, often affect, but the end result, the process of radial embodiment.

The creativity of the artists on the radio goes through many filters before becoming the communicative product that consume our listeners. From the low wages of our journalists, paralysis that sometimes are caught the same processes of creation that assume characteristics of the 80s, the technical and technological difficulties, information silences, the bureaucracy that often affects dynamic procedures must prevail in a medium that transmits 24 hours, they can become unnecessary barriers that harm artistic creation.

If we add that some people think of this as an archaic medium, unused, one more in a wide range of media through which information: the written press, television, the Internet, then the hole gets bigger .

It’s no secret that under these circumstances, young people seek other job opportunities where they pay more and have fewer responsibilities or not even that, just need a place to meet at least some of their expectations, though who have passed through here, always miss the magic of the sound image.

And though it may smell pessimism necessarily have seen many changes from the economy to the mentality, the most complex, that our radio is actually heard by the massiveness, that our proposals are attractive enough to compete with countless opportunities that exist today in terms of entertainment and for people to switch on and prefer to stay in our company, or what is the same, to seriously assume the role radio that suits you.


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