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For the danzón to last

Gloria Machado León 1 marzo, 2016

It is always worthwhile to note respect for the cultural heritage arrival to our generations. But if we add momentum to maintain and legitimize our traditions with new and enriching proposals, the reverence should be even higher.

So when I hear talk about a group of young people who already make history in Matanzas, I always stop me. And, although it may seem impolite, members of the orchestra Miguel Failde deserve, rather than tilting the torso, the admiration of all.

In these wanderings to revitalize genres of yesteryear, many of them born in Matanzas, they have not found few detractors who distrusted by his few years and see you, boys roam the country being felt danzón, danzonete, mambo and cha cha cha, at a time when they seemed a bit lost.

The group is immersed at the moment in organizing the first international danzonero Miguel Failde In Memoriam, to be held between March 30th and April 3erd. What a task.

And assume the goal with the responsibility they have earned the respect of all. In these results it has had much to do Ethiel Failde, heir matanceridad blood and Miguel Failde, creator of the first danzón: The Heights of Simpson.

At the international meeting danzonero participate composers, musicologists and researchers, interpreters and dancers lovers of this genre, whose works, investigations and interpretations nurture the universal heritage of the genre, both from a traditional perspective and from a contemporary and revitalizing do.

In composition, in addition to the danzón, mambo and cha cha cha, category added Danzon in concert music, bring in the best interests of the genre to concert music.

The compositions must be original and be delivered until March 15, 2016 at the headquarters of the Cuban Institute of Music or sent by email to the address The court award shall be composed of teachers Joaquín Betancourt, president, Maria Victoria Oliver and Alejandro Falcon, as members. a first, second and third prizes will be awarded, plus a Grand Prix.

There will also be a theoretical event in which national and foreign papers with substantial contributions to the study of gender and its variants are presented. Anthology danzón as gender, role in the context of contemporary popular music, the effect of gender and consumer studies thereof, composers and performers of danzón and its presence in Latin America.

The work will have a maximum of ten pages, in Arial 12 with double spacing and should be delivered until March 15th in the provincial Department of Culture of Matanzas or sent via email to the address infodanzon@atenas.cult .cu. The jury will be composed of professors and researchers Maria Victoria Oliver, Ildefonso Acosta, Ada Iraida Trujillo and Oviedo.


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