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The fault is not the cow’s

Gloria Machado León 30 mayo, 2016

In recent years the public telephone service in the Matanzas province has been affected due to the indolent attitude of some people.

Communication is a basic necessity for human beings, so the public telephone service has grown in the last five years. Importantly, in settlements with more than 200 inhabitants they have counted at least a telephone service.

The effort made in the territory to bring this service to every home matancero sometimes truncated by the negligent actions of some people. With a teledensity of 4.9 per thousand inhabitants, the territory has three thousand 394 public lines, which are located in residential areas, hospitals, polyclinics, funeral and terminals.

Diosnel Bornot Rodriguez, head of the Group of Foreign Plant Territorial Division ETECSA said that he is not yet stisfied with the figure but it is expected that with the collaboration of the population is possible to increase this service and keep in good repair existing ones .

The municipalities most affected by criminal behavior in public telephony in 2015, said Guelsys González Peña, director of the territorial division of ETECSA, were Jaguey Grande and Matanzas, both with five events, while in the 1st. Cardenas quarter of 2016 was the highest incidence with two facts. As for outside plant include four steals bare copper wire, but compared to the same period last year, a diminution is evident in three cases.

Roberto Acosta Quintana, communication officer of the Interior Ministry (MININT), said generally against what most threaten users or people in general is against the handset and especially the transmitting capsule. Often violently beat him to make you tear.

Quintana Acosta added that in the face of these reprehensible events a complaint is made and the Interior Ministry undertakes a research through which it has managed to clarify a number of these crimes is formed.

Certainly the number of crimes decreased, but have not been entirely eradicated. So ETECSA, in conjunction with the mass organizations develop actions to prevent and counteract the damaging facts networks and public telephony services.

According Bornot Rodriguez said, «in order to counter these actions is developed by the Territorial Division, a plan of measures to protect this service. The same is divided into five key actions, including organizational and internal control measures to within the company and with external factors preventing the company. Technical measures in the company and others to the occurrence of events and follow-up to the facts. Quarter-debates are held in communities with the support of the PCC, CDR, FMC and other factors. «

Although almost always the weight of the law falls on the guilty, the damages are considerable for the Cuban state, while many customers suffer disruption of useful service.

Noslen Ramos Medina, Department prosecutor Criminal Proceedings in Matanzas, said: «Today the prosecution has the mission to strengthen their work to ensure stability of public services subject to such attacks. Resolution No. 25 of 2010 implements our work in correspondence with the impact of those behaviors. «

But to prevent the crimes multiply is not exclusive task of the courts. It is essential to reconciliation between all involved, where it plays a fundamental role the rest of the entities involved and the Interior Ministry, ETECSA, MINAZ, Empresa Power, Railways and above all, citizens empowered to watch and denounce these faults.

Adopt severe character from the beginning of the process and track each case with its author, are some of the elements to be taken into account by those who keep watch as win the fight to the violation and strive to make justice prevail, because remember that «the fault is not just cow.»


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