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Lost childhood

Gloria Machado León 4 junio, 2016
If for every smile that erased the angelic face of an infant, if for every tender look of child clouds or darkens completely because of the horrors of war, fell a drop of water on the sea, the oceans and would have flooded all continents.
It might seem poetic, but reality shows that while greed and hegemonism some continue to generate invasions, bombings and all kinds of military aggression on other nations of the world, the main victims remain millions of small.

Orphans, maimed, psychologically traumatized and even killed. Refugees and uprooted from their territories, join the long list of those who have been forced to witness violence or to participate in them. Many of them are forced to become sex slaves or to be cooks, servants, messengers or spies.

So today reach the countless stories and images of the most defenseless and vulnerable of the human species during armed conflicts, children.

Episodes are repeated with more or less similar shades in scenarios marked by occasional conflict shrapnel ability to dialogue replaces that differentiates us from the animals.
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