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CDR initiated in Matanzas the Blood Donor World Day

Gloria Machado León 6 junio, 2016

The members of the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR) in the province of Matanzas, as a gesture of solidarity, begin the Blood Donor World Day, with massive withdrawals in the thirteen municipalities, hospitals, clinics and other facilities with the necessary equipment enabled to help save lives.

The Convenor of the CDR in the territory, Osmany Sanchez Diaz, Told reporters esta That movement is developed Internationally, from June 6th till 14th. Matanzas just received prominent status in blood donations in Cuba, due to cederista contribution, amounting to nine thousand 383 network vital liquid extractions.

I Said the leader of the Committees That donating blood saves lives and is used in hospitals for therapeutic Both use or surgery, and in industries. Such is the case of blood products plant, located in the capital Which produces drugs: such as interferon, Factor and Gamma Globulin Transfer and That task is one of the most beautiful and human CDR driving.

Lázaro Pedroso War for 37 years says That donates His blood pooled in the largest mass organization in the country in the municipality of Cardenas. With Reflected emotion on His face I reaffirms That for him and his family is an honor integrate esta force and be reliable to help children, the elderly or others WHO requires it and encourages ITS partners in the neighborhood Who are eligible to join this human program.

Detachments of young volunteer Donors of the precious liquid state That the new generations of Cubans continue the legacy of Fidel Castro Ruz, Who has always Encouraged solidarity in the world. This experience Contribute to saving lives Makes them Protagonists of esta Together with the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution.



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