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Schoolchildren from Matanzas made pioneer attribute change

Gloria Machado León 15 junio, 2016

For the 90 students of third grade that almost culminate in the Seguidores de Camilo y Che  Elementary School of Matanzas, on June 14th was not an ordinary day. It was not just the fact of assuming a new pioneril attribute or the simple change of color in the scarf, but also the opportunity to make evident to their teachers and family the commitment to be better every day.

At the special ceremony that also paid tribute to Antonio Maceo and Ernesto Che Guevara on the eve of another anniversary of his birth, the parents of moncadistas school placed them red bandanna, that from this moment accredits them as pioneers «José Martí» first class stage tinged with greater responsibilities in the detachments and groups.

«It is more the duty to study. I can also elect and be elected, to participate in matters of my interest and my colleagues and initiate a period of new tasks «and feels the student Liz Marian Ponce, who on behalf of other students took during the event reading obligations and responsibilities Pioneers, including being worthy to integrate your organization comply with homework, study, fight inspired by the example of the Heroes of the Fatherland and be a worthy relief of Young Communists.

Oraima Rodriguez, base of the José Martí Pioneer Organization (OPJM) at the school, located in the neighborhood of the Orangery of Matanzas Capital guide said that in this new phase of student life, infants have the duty to select who may represent the best and the right to be elected, while noting that work on the issue of self-pioneril preparation for decision making.

Likewise, the veteran and prominent teacher first cycle, praised the consistent support of parents and families of the school to celebrate this and other activities on campus, and highlighted as an essential motivation the upcoming 90th birthday of the historic leader Cuban revolution Fidel Castro Ruz.

Similar to the one made in the Seguidores de Camilo y Che, in each school in the province of Matanzas Elementary School ceremonies, and across the country, children third grade received this June 14th red kerchief, the credited as pioneers «José Martí» first level.


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