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Waters of peace

Gloria Machado León 21 junio, 2016

The waters that divide Cuba and the United States have always been furrowed by ships of different types. Before the triumph of the Revolution there were many passenger  and cargo ships that moved to Cuba varied productions, many of them made with sugar and other raw materials purchased at low cost or leonine exchanges.

After the pirates sailed boats that brought death with their attacks on coastal areas or infiltrating mercenaries to organize counterrevolutionary groups or undertake various misdeeds.

Also boats, rafts, boats and how to navigate serve esperpento were used by Cubans to reach the northern coasts country. That was the exodus of Camarioca, the Mariel or the naval base at Guantanamo, not counting the many attempts in a personal capacity. Correría that filled the waters of blood and pain of many Cubans. They are still latent the vicissitudes of Elian Gonzalez, just to have a case for the importance it had.

Recently they began to sail the blue waters, sailing yachts and cruisers, all purpose of rapprochement and friendship links that enhance and filled with joy to both parties. And are traditional ties between clubs of Florida, Key West, Miami and the Hemingway International Yacht Club of Cuba.

Yesterday arrived a fleet of thirteen motor yachts and a sailing club Key West, participants in the rally Key West-Havana.

On Wednesday, at 11:00 am, with boats Hemingway International Yacht Club, from Cuba, the visitors made a stop that will reach the bay of Havana, then navigate along the seewall, returning to the capital marina.

Hopefully this approach will increase and for good.


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