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Carilda: light woman

Gloria Machado León 7 julio, 2016

Provincial authorities and cultural figures got together on July 6th to celebrate the life story of a woman. Hands of Rebeca Morales, member of the Provincial Bureau of the Party in Matanzas and Mario Sabines, vice president of the Government to the same instance, Carilda Oliver Labra received one of the best gifts of his 94th birthday.

Wrapped with the delicacy of a friend, but with firmness who has managed to lead the destinies of this nation, Fidel Castro left not overlook the holiday.

The celebration for the birthday of Carilda invited to enjoy a lovely afternoon, in which improvisation, spontaneity and talent of the artists of the city conspired to honor the Bride of Matanzas.

Amid the rehabilitation indicated after surgery after a fall in December 2014, which has given excellent results thanks to specialists matancero polyclinic Carlos Verdugo, and with an enviable lucidity after nine decades of life, the poetess us forward projects which are some of his works.

A story of desire was presented yesterday at the home of Carilda. It is a volume that brings together 17 poems and an equal number of illustrations of the plastic artist Roberto Braulio Gonzalez, and taking as a starting point Pinocchio, the wooden puppet who wants to be a real boy, popular children’s story by Italian author Carlo Collodi.

On the occasion of the announcement of the completion of the text in April last year, the National Literature Prize said: «It is my Pinocchio, Pinocchio I felt, that I wanted to see and maybe have some of that motherhood is always in the women, even those who have not conceived children, as is my case.

«But I feel that this book appears as a kind of symbolism in my life. Perhaps it is the last book you will write the final point. There is something in addition. It is a return to childhood, to the origins. «

Luckily, this time Carilda was wrong because as he said are in preparation Nude forever and Canto a Fidel, a poem that in light of nearly six decades later enlightens us by force and by the deep admiration of the poetess leader history of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz.

The news of the birthday celebration transcends Carilda dates; today we can give the opportunity to violate the immediacy because greater prominence. At home in Tirry 81 we were greeted with a smile, always ready to talk, to give us life lessons.  Carilda Oliver transcends poetry transcends Matanzas, Carilda is light, is legend, is inspiration.

Photo: Roberto González Amaya


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