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Encouraging the use of renewable energy

Gloria Machado León 7 julio, 2016

Cubasolar presidency in Matanzas awarded on July 6th the winners of the provincial contest that convenes each year that Cuban non-governmental organization.

In this edition of 2016 children and adolescents Maravillas de la Infancia socio-cultural project were those who joined the idea of expressing by the methods of drawing and papers their knowledge and experience on the environment and the use of renewable sources energy (FRE).

An example of this creativity set according to strengthen environmental awareness was the work of Roxana Lara Matos.

«The mode in which concursé was literature and my work relates to the experiences we have had project members in voluntary work and the collection of materials then recycle here at the Anita villa to rescue from neglect and deterioration .

«The fundamental purpose of this work is to encourage people to develop activities that help preserve our environment.»

And also on the environment is drawing the small Jessica Diaz Rosales.

«I reflected on it the steps we must take into account not littering, or toxic substances rivers and seas, not cutting down trees or build factories near the houses.»

About FRE Alejandro Morales Romero, another of the winners he said.

«We spoke first of energy, because if we talk about FRE have to know what is called energy, types of energy that exist and the unit is measured, among other aspects that form the basis of the subject.

«The work describes the means used and builds man for electricity, heat and gas through the air, the sun, water and biomass. Also the benefits it brings and will cause damage to the environment continued use of fossil fuels are related. «

Alejandro, how much it costs to Cuban small-scale use of the FRE?

«A lot it costs us, since 80 percent of the energy used in the world is not renewable and that attitude leads they last and also cause all that climate change already suffer.

«And our country costs because its price is also very high in the international market. For all that the smartest idea is to bet on the increased use of RES, particularly solar, because according to the characteristic of our island do not have areas of strong winds or large lakes or rivers, but a very intense sun . »

Therefore, Juan Ramon Diaz Matos, provincial president of Cubasolar referring to the development of this activity highlighted the importance of extending the call to a greater number of children, adolescents and young matanceros for the commitment they have new generations with the gradual change of the country’s energy matrix.


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