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Matanzas routes are adding joys

Gloria Machado León 13 julio, 2016

The summer season always comes with options for enjoyment and healthy recreation of the population, punctuated by offerings that meet the most diverse aesthetic tastes. In search of the necessary approach to our cultural roots and sites of historical significance for the province, the Palacio de Junco Museum, along with the network of museum institutions in the province has organized various options.

The city tours will run during July and August and will include tours of permanent exhibitions, places of cultural and historical interest and activities in the museum institutions, related entirely to the traditions of the Cuban people, said Marlyn Valenzuela Jimenez, technical department entertainment at the Palacio de Junco.

“We as a new proposal this year the route Walking traditions, July 20 and August 3. We will leave the institution to the Alley of Traditions, where we enjoy a cultural activity.

“We will go after the church San Pedro Apostle, of Versailles, declared a National Monument in 2013; visit the Pharmaceutical Museum and finish in the Pelusín del Monte, where we will offer a moment of enjoyment recreational complex. “

In this summer period will have similar options to raise awareness and roots of Spanish roots, baseball development in the territory and the implementation of the social mission of the different cultural entities.

“It Walking baseball history allow us, on 14 and 21 July, an approach to national sport and its presence in the territory. The route includes sites like the Palmar de Junco, where the first game of ball under official rules, the Victoria de Giron Stadium and Martin Dihigo avenue was made. In each of these places glories exchange with sport balls and strikes in the province, as well as others linked to sport.

“The African route, on 19 July 2 and August 9, offers a panoramic view of the traditions from the continent and adopted by the province and, especially, by the city of Matanzas.

Slavery and Orishas room  in the Castle of San Severino

“The tour comes to the living African Art Art Museum and then to the room of Slavery and Orishas in the Castle of San Severino. Now extends to visit the ruins of the old triumvirate wit, with mayoral house, the Rebel Slave Memorial and the rest of the site offers recently renovated.

“Likewise, visiting Cardenas museums , Oscar Maria de Rojas, the Battle of Ideas and Birthplace of Jose Antonio Echeverria, hit the center once Jose Smith Comas, today Sugar Heritage Museum , on August 12, where participants will observe the machinery and tools used in the past for sugar production and locomotives of those years. “
For its part, the Heritage Trail and Archaeology proposes sharing information about legacies and symbols, with a tour of heritage sites, Aboriginal and colonial archeology. “From here we start 15 and July 21 to Canímar, where the largest aboriginal cemetery is located outside of Latin America, the museum Memorial El Morillo and La Dionisia coffee plantation.”

This proposal children’s workshop which began Monday and will run until next Friday adds. “In the scheduled activities children can play what most impressed them the workshop, which is closely related to the natural sciences, with a display of stuffed animals. Classes collect various manifestations and techniques, including highlights and origami workshop at the close on Friday 15, we want to share what they learned in semana.

“Among the missions of our institution highlights the work with the community. During the year we received both directed and spontaneous, many visits from different educational centers. These visits do not stop in the summer as there is a joint project between the Union of Young Communists at the provincial level and the Directorate of Education that prioritizes guided visits to cultural institutions. “

Summing Joys is the motto this year exhibit Cubans on the summer stage, in which healthy recreation, leisure and entertainment are the goals of each territory.


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