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Gloria Machado León 16 julio, 2016

The need to integrate young people, as an influential and decisive population sector in the development of the country’s destinies, was one of the main approaches addressed by members of the Union of Journalists of Cuba in Matanzas during the analysis, on Friday, of the documents emanating from the discussions of the seventh Comunist Party Congress.

“Young people play an essential role in this process to make possible what is being proposed. Today’s youth are the future, and tomorrow are the ones who have the responsibility to defend what today we analyze, “ said Rizo Pedro Arturo Martínez, a journalist with the audiovisual media in the province.


Referring to the conceptualization of the Cuban economic and social model and development plan to 2030, the matanceros journalists mentioned terms as a guide, continuity and participation.

“These documents contain the objective, are the guide, the view that we have to achieve the purposes with their theoretical and strategic axes, its foundation and a deep look at the development of the economy, which is the factor that always beats us.

“If other countries will face difficulties Cuba could not keep up than we are because even with existing shortcomings, the Cuban people have known campear all downpours, because we had a policy statement and assurance on issues that have known solidify said Enrique Tirse, a  Radio 26 journalist.

“The conceptualization of the Cuban socialist system is very important because in order to reach land, using a metaphor professor and psychologist Manuel Calviño, the boat in which we must have a guide, a compass, a map.

“These documents reflect the possible alternatives, which are the best routes to land, and that land is the economic vision of the country, is what we want it to be socialism in Cuba.” Said Maria Elena Bayón, a Radio Varadero journalist.


Also, in an exercise of collective construction and citizen participation, communication professionals expressed some of the issues contained in the document, they consider, they must undergo modifications.

“For example, I consider this theorizing about our socialist social model must be made explicit the division of functions of the Administration Council and the Assembly of People’s Power, experience developed in Mayabeque and Artemis.

The address of the PCC in the province leads the discussion of the conceptualization of the economic model “The government and the executive should be separated because you can not be judge and jury. That is one of the most important measures to be undertaken by the country to break those ties that we stagnate.

“It is essential that this process be developed so that, in 2030, have advanced enough to have economic development in Cuba, because from the social point of view, the Revolution has kept its conquests,” said Maria Elena Bayón.

“It is a document that is made on a theoretical basis to reach 2030 with objective, with vision and purpose and this is very important to explain to the population because it is difficult to try to achieve what is there reflected if we consider our difficulties today.

“Journalists must be at the forefront of this process to instruct them on what we want as a country,” said Enrique Tirse.

For his part, Martinez Rizo said that “the document is addressed to the future, but is written in the present tense. Although this is a model of conceptualization where theses explain the economy, we must revise the wording. I think it must collect more the reality of today to reach that ideal society that we propose. “

As stated Rebeca Morales, member of the Provincial Bureau of the Party in Matanzas, journalists must be prepared to effectively report the results of this process.

He added that Cuba is not in a time of retreat and encouraged to maintain security and confidence in the way that daily built with the sole purpose of defending the principles of the Cuban Revolution.


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