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On the way to 2030

Gloria Machado León 21 julio, 2016

There is much work to implement the Cuban Economic and Social model, which has among its main objectives to achieve a socialist, prosperous and sustainable society, in the short space of 14 years. The deadline for compliance date is 2030.

Cuba has a set of strengths that help this purpose, with emphasis on human capital, or what is the same, its people, but also has to cope with other problems caused by its underdeveloped economy.

One factor is the deficit against currency available to the country, especially in these crucial moments for world trade. Today our industry is not competitive, the deployed equipment is obsolete and unproductive, components affecting the proper development.

Domestically concerned about the existence of the dual currency, which has distinct influence on the population. It affects the low wage remuneration discourages return to work, mainly in the productive areas.

You have to live with the loss of values, which for years we have accumulated, and rescue those Cubans have always proudly displayed. Similarly conspire outbreaks of corruption, crime, indiscipline and other unorthodox forms we see daily in different levels or strata.

We must meet the challenge with an aging society, which as a result generates a labor force also veteran. In this they have influenced a group of factors, one of them, considered an achievement of the revolution, is the rise in life expectancy, given essentially preventive medicine and specialized services to elderly care. Another element is the exodus of young people abroad and the low birthrate of current marriages.

In my opinion the biggest challenge is in making work is a necessity for the Cuban, is why we must combine a salary that meets the family and production and productivity in line with the amount paid. They should be banished all parasitic forms of acquisition of money, for the harm that it entails.

I will continue my way to the 2030 analysis.


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