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Mario Muñoz and the defense of the ideal of justice for Cuba

Gloria Machado León 26 julio, 2016

History is the best proof of the human mark. It gives faith of the men who forged their destiny without looking at the welfare enjoyed because for them the most important is the commitment to the country.

Mario Muñoz Monroy doctor, who was born on July 26, 1912 in Matanzas municipality of Columbus, is one of those examples, because from very early understood the need to change the political system in Cuba.

In the House of Martyrs of Moncada, in Colon, it is recalled that Fidel Castro first visited the home of Mario Munoz on April 23, 1953, accompanied by the revolutionary Nico Lopez and Adalberto Ruanes.

Mario Muñoz went to the military stronghold in eastern Cuba with the decision to become a hero or martyr leaving behind the comforts, his family and profession. Determined to fulfill the mission of caring for the wounded that resulted from military confrontation on July 26 he fell prisoner and shortly afterwards was killed with two shots, the same day they met 41 years.

Unselfishness and dedication to the revolutionary ideal it a paradigm for generations of matanceros than 63 years of Moncada Gesta found in his example the incentive to multiply the work.


The museum honors the memory of the assailants on the Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Cespedes barracks in Matanzas rises since 1974 in the last residence of Dr. Mario Muñoz Monroy, in the city of Columbus.

The cultural institution emerged a proposal from Roberto Muñoz Monroy, brother of the martyr and President of the Regional Committee of Party History in that territory at the time.

To treasure passages of national history the House of Martyrs of Moncada, in Colon, becomes one of the most visited by the people to pay tribute to the Centennial Generation which is enlarged on the walls of the dilapidated house.

At 63 years of that bravery begun betting to end the tyranny of Batista example of young people led by Fidel Castro Ruz invites to give everything for the Revolution.


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