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The first celebration of July 26th in Cuba

Gloria Machado León 26 julio, 2016

On July 26, 1959 this historic day for the first time was held after the triumph of the Revolution, with its leader in the front Fidel Castro Ruz, at a mass rally in Havana, full of peasants, in which solidarity was demonstrated between the city and the countryside. It never shined so high the brotherhood among Cubans. All doors were opened to welcome the fellow countrymen in rural areas.

The people opened the privacy of homes to welcome in the family farmers, who both had supported the actions of July 26 to defeat the tyranny of Fulgencio Batista. It was a real social event, that can never be forgotten, expression of the human being greatest feeling.

The capital of the Greater Antilles came peasants from nearby rural areas and remote places and almost inaccessible from the Cuban countryside, through many ways and means: railroad, ónnibus, trucks and even knighthood, one of which came from Yaguayay with Commander Camilo Cienfuegos forward. Perhaps the pictures of that time are the last images that we were the legendary guerrilla.

How many things they discovered farmers in contact with the life of Havana, because were not yet literate, nor had access to electricity and less television and ignored what was the cinema. Residents of the city met solidarity, nobility and sincerity of peasants and learned from them.

However, the most impressive of those days has remained in the memory, the expression that lived July 26, 1959 at the Revolution Square, next to Fidel Catro Ruz. With great enthusiasm, optimism and joy, farmers raised their machetes and launched air their hats yarey, which fell like a rain of hope that is the same as that radiates today in the village with a strong sovereign Cuban nation, to keep principles and values above all.

(The Don Quixote of the lamppost, Korda photo taken on July 26, 1959. Image taken from the Internet.)


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