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Ocean energy, untapped treasure

Gloria Machado León 28 julio, 2016

Obtaining energy from renewable sources is not an invention of our times, it is a necessity of the modern man to have a high quality life without continuing attacking the planet.

So, Matanzas stands out as one of the Cuban provinces who tried to raid the use of energy from the sea.

Perhaps by having a beautiful bay deep water well or simple initiative, but as Isaac Ginoris, retired from the Matanzas Electric Company, one of the attempts took place a few meters from the Antonio Guiteras Holmes Thermal Power Plant .

«My grandfather told me that what Matanzas is known as the pool of Mr. Claude-by the French scientist George Claude, the project that was to take advantage of differences in temperature between the surface of Matanzas and its deep water harbor was applied estimated at the time between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius at sea level and between 4:07 to 1:00 kilometer deep.

«Claude had toured several countries in search of a suitable place to install its pilot plant and was in the Bay of Matanzas where he found the right people to implement their innovative and risky ideas conditions.»

Ginoris detailed in the cliff of the coast you can see the tunnels that were made to place the tubes carrying the cold water.

«My grandfather was the skipper in which Mr. Claude had properly installed the laboratory for analysis of water temperature and the installation of the pipes covered to cushion the blows of the sea currents.

«Here about 330 kilowatts of electricity a day were obtained without consuming absolutely no fossil fuel energy only from the sea.»

An attempt daring for those 30 years of the twentieth century, but had no success expected by the French.

«As was already developing the» Electric Octopus «(name given by the Cuban Electricity Company), it made every effort to eliminate this competitor and thereby monopolizing power service activity.»

Even with these and other situation that ended the Claude project, the idea rather than the recognition, deserves to be taken up again and reused for man and the environment.



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