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Avanza project of real estate and golf course in Matanzas

Gloria Machado León 30 julio, 2016

Carboneras will also have other attractions

In basic engineering phase is the construction project  of the building complex and the golf course of 18 holes under a budget of 350 million pesos convertibles will run in the village of Carboneras, located between Matanzas and Varadero tourist resort .

Simulated aerial view of complex artificial beaches.

The engineer Jorge Luis Hernandez, director of Enterprise Architecture Projects and Engineering stated that it is the largest plan implemented in recent years for his company and explained that host more than a thousand real estate units, a hotel just over a hundred rooms, a complex 18-hole golf and system maintenance, and artificial beaches, first by its design to be implemented on the island.

The management meant that work also render their economic impact, benefits to the surrounding community for its friendly design environment and interesting solutions to the waste and said that now runs with the help of a computer program frontline eliminates normal design errors in the interaction of various disciplines, with a substantial increase in labor productivity.

The Joint Venture Carbonera SA, created in 2014 with Cuban capital and English, will begin running this year and say executives of the Ministry of Tourism translates into an important tourist offer of Varadero supplement and the beginning of a whole new policy to increase the presence of golf in Cuba.

According transcended is not the only proposal of this type of building, the Chinese company Beijing Enterprises Holdings Limited in association with the Palmares Cuban hotel group and Cubagolf built in the area Bellomonte, east of Havana, a luxury hotel and its respective golf course.

Manuel Marrero, minister of tourism in Cuba, said the Cuban-British company is the first real estate approved for the sector in the Greater Antilles, while the British Embassy in Havana reported that the company in question is the first and most important investment a company of his country in Cuban tourism.

The next execution of the Real Estate and golf course in Carbonera, Matanzas, reaffirms the commitment of Mintur to improve the destination, in terms of quality and diversity, with the premise of satisfying the most demanding tastes of visitors to the Greater Antilles .

UK is, after Canada, the second in the list of top source markets of tourists to Cuba.

The project includes an overpass over the highway Varadero


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