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On this side of the sea, the story takes its course

Gloria Machado León 31 julio, 2016

Since I knew about the closure of the Cuban Five in the US, I became interested in the history of those men who sacrificed 16 years of their lives away from their homes, friends, their land and their families, to defend a cause of justice.

In this same island Adriana dreamed of snuggling in her womb the fruit of his love for Gerardo; here the daughters of René and Ramón missed their parents while growing up without their advice; Rosa Aurora eagerly awaiting the return of his companion of life and Mirtha housed each year hoping to spend the next Mother’s Day with Tony.

I remember that from the first moment I thought that eternal romance between Gerardo and Adriana and I felt like mine, I shuddered to imagine without my dad for so long, sadness came over me when I assumed my mother crying for my absence.

He was at stake than the welfare of their families, the security of a people weighed on his shoulders and as worthy men, kept the YES for his country despite torture, pain and fear of never seeing his family .

But always harbored hopes and, perhaps, I leaned against the captivating smile that showed me Tony in offices boxes in the paintings from the walls of the facades, we remembered why we were fighting for their return to the island. it became a reality on December 17, 2014 the desire of many families. Five returned to Cuba.

And we goosebumps that day because, before our waiting eyes and despite the years that stopped the meeting, and was in place. I knew finding joy on their faces, I knew when Mirtha to that sincere smile and his hands were lost between her son was delivered, I could tell by the delivery of the hug that sealed such distances between Elizabeth and Ramon, I knew by the protective kiss that was tattooed on the forehead of Adriana.

Much has been written about the history of the Five, the trial they faced and the bloody realities that were their daily lives in the United States. But Lo que yace a través del mar: la verdadera historia de los Cinco Cubanos  we found an interesting approach to the case of the heroes, from the interpretation of a researcher who, due to the fact of not being Cuban, gives it an attractive nuance to those who want to deepen the complex context in which the events were unfolded.

The journalist, writer and teacher Canadian Stephen Kimber, who consulted more than 20,000 pages of minutes of court and other legal documents in the gestation of text, a comprehensive proposal emerged after the investigative journalism that, fictionalized way, tells gave us one of the most shocking episodes in the history of this island.

«It was a book published by a Canadian writer in the English language, in the midst of the battle,» said Antonio Guerrero during the presentation of volume during the most recent edition of the Book Fair in Matanzas. «At the time this book played a major role in making known the injustice paper, the reasons that led us to the Five to US territory.»

For this edition, translated by Gerardo Garcia Cabrera and edited by Gladys Estrada Garcia, the author made an epilogue titled Final Feliz, as an update according to events subsequent to December 17th, 2014, when the return was announced to Cuba of the three anti-terrorist fighters they were missing.

According Intellectual Ricardo Alarcon de Quesada the large initial virtue of this book is that it is not the work of a supporter of the Cuban Revolution, but a Canadian who traveled to Havana to make a love story and ends up becoming a defender of the cause of the Cinco.
Although Stephen Kimber used him to spread among Americans the truth about anti-terrorism, the text has never been published in the United States. «The text is not intended to collect it all in detail, said Guerrero, the main thing is the importance of what takes up this story for our people, for friends.

«In Matanzas always breathes tranquility, we have seen with the warm welcome we gave the people,» the Hero of the Republic of Cuba.

Lo que yace a través del mar … has a foreword by Rene Gonzalez, which states that the author became not only an expert in his legal case, but used the accumulated during the creation of the work knowledge to denounce end of injustice and advocate for their freedom.

Lo que yace a través del mar …, whose original version was written in English carried out a new release in Spanish destined for the Cuban public, deserved the Evelyn Richardson Award for Nonfiction, Writers Nova Scotia, to unearth a fascinating history, as assessed the jury award.



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