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Project with Japan will boost development of Perico town

Gloria Machado León 4 agosto, 2016
The Support Project to Production and Development of Sunflower Basic Grains and Cultivation in the municipality of Perico, Matanzas, promotes the socio-economic development of the villagers, said the Japanese Ambassador in Cuba, Masaru Watanabe.

With funding from the Japanese nation, more than 80 thousand euros, and the support of non-governmental organizations such as the Civil Volunteer Group, the initiative includes irrigation and agricultural machinery to increase production of grains and beans.

Japanese government assistance complements the projections that the Cuban government can not cover under the Financial Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (APC) embassy, the diplomat added.

Improve the performance of Cuban agricultural production and increase food self-sufficiency rate will lead to reduce the use of currency for imports of food, Watanabe said.

The content extends to a mini-industry for the extraction of sunflower oil with a capacity of 70 tons per year, which will be sold to workers and the public, said Elias Linares Landa, director of the project by the Cuban counterpart.

Today Maximo Gomez Agricultural Company guarantees 138 hectares of Helianthus annuus, scientific name of the plant for extracting oil.

Also, the project has modernized 67 hectares, the producer-company relationship was strengthened, but more are needed harvesters, Osvaldo Rodriguez, director of the bank said.

Peasants like Felix Castro, the Cooperative of Credits and Services Ramon Milian Rodriguez, consider that the project is a blessing for training opportunities, the acquisition of agricultural machinery and the prospects for sustainability of production.

The Japanese government conducts community projects for human security in the island since 1998. This experience runs Consolation, Melena del Sur and Perico. The economic impact of it favors the 31,000 inhabitants of the Matanzas community.

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