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Does Matanzas keep its cultural imprint?

Gloria Machado León 5 agosto, 2016

Throughout the year the cultural institutions of Matanzas province kept in theaters programs that meet the most demanding tastes, however, this summer the options point to a better-conceived project.

This is, in my view, of an integrated look in the conception of programming, understanding cater to every segment of the public and the quality of clusters of various forms of art.

Despite the enduring absence of Sauto deficit and cinemas, the matanceros of all ages enjoy the summer in their own way.

The immense sea dispute culture enjoyment of its inhabitants that since 1860, when the city was proclaimed as the Athens of Cuba, have shown that name and proudly boast of treasured cultural heritage.

To endure this legacy Matanzas is immersed in the necessary rescue of his identity heritage resents the footprint of the years and the lack of maintenance.

Returning to the city the value of institutions that contributed to regard the Athens of Cuba is a challenge that demands for the restoration resources and ingenuity. But the biggest challenge is the wise and inclusive proposals that offer cultural institutions to educate and recreate its inhabitants.



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