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Fidel, humanism with no measures

Gloria Machado León 13 agosto, 2016

The year was 1952 when the peasants who tilled the land on the farm Ácana were demanding the payment for their crops. It had been six months and that property owners did not give any signals. The problem was that there was a dispute between the property owner and a tenant.

On December 20th  of the same year, a lawyer Havana person in the place and tells them that he can resolve the situation and provide the money they charge their part.

Paulino Perdomo, who was the general secretary of the Agricultural Union representing farmers, showed her askance at Dr. Fidel Castro Ruz then.

Review Arturo Cabrera Calvo, director of the Juan Gualberto Gómez museum, the municipality of Union de Reyes, Paulino knowing the intentions of attorney blurted out, “How could that be posible, that a lawyer from the capital who came to be interested in the matter, without even having sent anyone to look for you.. This is a ploy by the owners. “

Fidel, with his usual eloquence, spoke to him and tried to convince him. Paulino was distrustful of the word of that lawyer. “Who supports me what you are saying.”

To which Fidel replied: “I give you my word that it will be man and if you give me a power in a few days the situation is resolved.”

Perhaps because of the firmness with which he spoke Fidel or certain that he had nothing to lose accepted.

After two or three days, the farmers of the Ácana farm received a telegram that read: “. The issue goes well” Before the end of the year, the own of December 31, receive payment from their own hands in the house Paulino Perdomo, in the Juan Gualberto Gómez town .

But all wonder how Fidel knew the matter was found in Havana.

Throughout this race it is involved Gildo Fleitas, who was seven months after Moncada mugger. Fleitas was manager of one of the parts of the farm at issue and stores Los Molinos, near the property.

He is also involved Abel Santamaria, who was economic Rice Company in the capital and worked with Fidel.

At this time, since the lawyer was committed to the movement of the Centennial Generation for the attack on the Moncada. Later, the farmers of the farm Ácana know it was the same person who attacked the barracks and that helped collect your debt.

So Paulino has to burn the proceedings before the danger that the rural guard revise the area. And indeed, later said Paulino to Granma newspaper, in its issue of June 23th, 1980, which it did.

With all the discretion of the world, Fidel does not allow this abuse is committed. Intervenes and takes the leading role. Does not charge for the service.

This still gives us the measure of humanism and solidarity of our fighter of all time.

Precisely Saturday that turns 90, the top executives of the municipality Union de Reyes, led by Arturo Cabrera Calvo, reissued in Ácana this event, which although is not hidden, has himself walked in the shade.


Original text by Lisandra Cabrera on Aug 13th, 2016

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