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I saw the rise of the Fuel Trading Company

Gloria Machado León 23 agosto, 2016
“I left the Navy and started here when they started to build it.”

With these words the matancero Lazaro Ulacia Quijano describes its beginnings in Matanzas Trading Fuels Company, which arrived in June 1969.

“In those days there was only here, of Martí plant there, a little way up the coast. So I say I saw born and helped grow the company that, within its kind, today is the country by the volume of fuel that stores bigger. “

In the machine shop, docks, installation of storage tanks and other areas of the organization, located in the Industrial Zone of Matanzas city, were Ulacia hands.

“We had to knock down the mountain, cut the aroma that grew freely, in short, everything.”

From this activity, which according Ulacia managers and workers joined the deep water dock designed for docking vessels up to 150 thousand tons and 320 terminal emerged.

So says Ulacia, the first quality you must have a worker of this company is to be precisely worker, take discipline, responsibility and unconditional support its mission.

“Right there in the workshop we are always innovating to transport and equipment run continuously and the production process does not stop. Here we are to solve problems, not create more.

“It is no secret that there are problems with spare parts and the contribution of knowledge of each is vital.”

So this man from Matanzas thinks and acts as a general mechanic is, in the words of his fellow workers, a guarantee in the production process in Matanzas Fuels Trading Company.

“You place there a plane that does not fly and I make it fly (laughs). Do whatever, welding, chapistear, fix cars, cranes, hoists, … whatever. “

Experiences and achievements of Lazaro Ulacia Quijano a man from Matanzas that just this Sunday August 21st, 2016 celebrated its 67th birthday in a company that for 47 considers his own home.

“I tell people that threw fuel for 90 years, if I drop a’falleteo’ by the way, well, bad luck, but mine is pa’90 years (laughs).

Original text by Ana González Goicochea on Aug 23rd, 2016


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