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Teachings of André Voisin persist in Matanzas

Gloria Machado León 30 agosto, 2016
More than a century ago of scientist Andrés Voisin´s birth scholars people from Matanzas revitalize the concepts advocated by the French friend of Cuba, related to the life cycle, plant, climate, food and man.

Voisin bequeathed Cuban livestock countless teachings that made possible the intensive development of these practices, among which the use of rangelands and acuartonamiento system.

Subject specialists at the  Indio Hatuey Experimental Station of Pastures and Forages in Perico, ensure that it is not to bring animals to the forest, but the trees back to livestock.

That formula favors the simultaneous short cycle crops with the establishment of tree and secondary production of firewood, poles, wood and seeds, as well as the shadow, control soil erosion and nutrient recycling.

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