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The dune, vital in Varadero´s landscape

Gloria Machado León 30 agosto, 2016

The protective function of the dune, sand hill that forms on the beaches and in desert areas by the wind, requires us to preserve and care.

While sea level rise linked to climate change and the ravages of tropical storms and hurricanes, accelerate the erosion of the coastline, the hand of man has also been a determining factor in this phenomenon.

Often building homes and large hotel facilities on the dunes, in other replacing invasive plants native species that avoid degradation of these ecosystems and sand mining have led to the loss of the dune in various parts mainland of the world and Cuba is no exception.

Example of this deterioration of the dune in coastal areas of the Caribbean island is in Varadero, 22 kilometers of beach in which intervened through the Institute of Physical Planning, the CITMA, the Ministry of Tourism and the government of the province of Matanzas to rescue the natural value.

And it is that the dunes are the first defense we have against storms. They avoid high salinity and dryness of agricultural land, large temperature variations or concealment and obstruction of highways and roads.

Hence the development of programs such as the dumping of sand in the most affected areas and the demolition of buildings detrimental to the dune Spa already show positive results in the Hicacos Peninsula.

To this identifying appropriate to stabilize the sand and construction of perimeter fencing systems, containment barriers and wooden walkways plant species adds.

The logging of casuarines and the reforestation with species such as hicaco, grape creek, rice and yams beach beach sand trap allowed in motion and form small dunes.

As paddocks, produce a region of low wind speed, which allows the tank moving sand.

Actions resulting from the interest of the Cuban government to the world-famous Varadero beach and preferences continue to accumulate accolades as the best beach area of Cuba.


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