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Correct lighting: greater road safety

Gloria Machado León 31 agosto, 2016
Matanzas Bay, center around which the great amphitheater in which the economic and social life of the Athens of Cuba, is, to say the specialists, a mirror that absorbs almost all the light that strikes it develops rises .

For this reason urgent need to guarantee to the outline of this bay, pride of Matanzas, public lighting system that meets all the requirements of this environment which also is part of the tourist corridor Havana-Varadero.

The aim is to seek a higher average lighting that meets the standards for such expressway, said the electrical engineer Alfredo Martinez Suarez.

«Once the type of distribution is designed in a stretch of road, if one interception the luminaire or lamp to limit glare driver appears have to change the height of the luminaire.

«Failure to comply with this requirement may be generated eyestrain on the driver. When driving on a very wide space between the masts of lighting a cone of shadow intensive light is created when approaching and otherwise when away. Bacheo that the amount of light received cause eyestrain on the driver. Therefore the lamps should provide uniform lighting throughout the stretch. «

He said the engineer an example of the proper placement of street lights on a fast track against the backdrop of the Matanzas Bay is the Paseo de Martí.

«With the right lighting, in addition to a better appreciation of the beauty of the environment, improved road safety and tanquilidad achieved.»

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