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Tojosa and the dairy farm

Gloria Machado León 31 agosto, 2016

Tojosa appears in the paddock of the cowshed 65 when he hears the call Arelys cowgirl Jimenez. Cow denotes a certain lineage, after all, is the daughter of a stallion mother.

However, his apparent docility not always characterized it.

«Tojosa was a very rebellious heifer and was rebellious as I was brought up pa’ be a cow. He walked in the paddocks, breaking fences, no, there are times when I still rezaga’ but shouted Tojosa and run «he refers peasant.

«Now he goes pa’ his third delivery, due to give birth in October. It is my favorite, but not the only one. His upbringing encouraged in me a love for the dairy unknown. «

The unit of Genetics Matanzas Cattle Company, located on the edge of the road Triumvirate, ended the month with more than 18,000 liters of milk. Stresses in the region of Limonar by its results and the tenacity of his manager Arelys.

«Here the work is hard,» he insists and accommodates her hair. «I have not had time to retocármelo are 50 years and that weighs» he smiles mischievously, although he was hardly notices the half century.

«Livestock is difficult, especially in the dry you have to keep the animal’s food. Under my leadership I have two men, I am the third. «

With astonishing naturalness Villa Clara by birth and adoption matancera talks about his craft.

«I like cows, I did not think it would be a good cowboy, but you see. I care for the animals and talk to them, tell them when I fall behind in production, help me not to call my attention in meetings. «

Sometimes he uses its deep idiosyncrasies and full of sunflowers home to Oshun, the Yoruba religion deity, never forsake.

«I ask my dear mother religion not to stay behind in implementing the plan. And pa ‘you see, sobrecumplí. I say a violin to the orisha of freshwater, as has never been seen in these parts. «

Arelys Jimenez, however, no longer sees his life away from this site.

«And this is my family, I live with them food try to make it best and. From Tojosa what I can tell, that cow is my dream, if I could take a picture and hang it on the wall of the room. «



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