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Make light with a disc

Gloria Machado León 5 septiembre, 2016

Fourteen songs by the fifth album that will present the singer Tony Avila from Cardenas, on September 10th, in the theater of Cardenas, Flag City. Entitled Que se haga la luz , the minstrel groups ensures deserved issues be reflected in any production.

«It’s an album that does not establish commitments to specific lines or musical, or literary creation mine. Rather, I put together to settle debts with some issues that have remained in the taste of people and I wanted to include on a disc at some point and was given the opportunity to be in this.

«It exposes the foundation of what is making the group (which is seven years created this September), at the moment in terms of new sound, thanks in part to the union of a musician who is saxophonist, plays flute and clarinet . «

Guarachas, love and other topics previously defended by his group are reflected in the album with a new sound. Guests also important the new proposal prestige author of songs like Títere and Al Sur de su garganta.

The new sound recording produced by a Puerto Rican record label and patented by BisMusic for distribution and marketing in Cuba is a color palette of ancient genres with contemporary sonorities. In it they can be found, from reggae songs in time, to a lullaby performed a duet with the female voice of the Buena Vista Social Club and the Cuban diva Omara Portuondo.

«It’s an album of few guests. Canto also a rather picaresque Eliades Ochoa and moved guaracha entitled All women say. There is a dose of elements present in my previous albums as in the topic sentence gives me Juana, but more weight variety of genres, fusion of folk, roots with drums and song of love is also present. «

In the sound proposal Avila also social issues directly with Cuban realities today will be addressed.

«The album opens with Hombre Nuevo, a kind of warning or claim of how you man and how is distorted in society and that light is made is the title of the last issue, which gives its name to the proposal, a mixture humanism philosophy. The song is also included The fruit, which is one detony-avila-11 topics which is also directed to the human.

«The name is set intentionally by the context in which it is Cuba, hopefully be light and Cubans can breathe better oxygen and Cuba projects that dreams are made. I hope and hope is that yes, I am optimistic in that regard. «

Tony received tempting offers to settle professionally in Havana. It is true that opportunities could double if he resided in Mecca and major national cultural scene, but Tony is not conceived outside of Cardenas. For him this city is like rain from the sky like paradise where Adam and Eve from his song Bicycling through neighborhoods that smell songs, is a torment that does not need a Babalao or husk, because it is incurable.

Tony cherishes the nakedness of city dwellers corners of Cardenas, that it has become, as he himself has sung, the first of his heartbreaks, the insatiable muse of inspiration. Al sur de su garganta, Tony dreams of life and gives us songs, love songs black scientifically us from Cuba.


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