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Celebrate 56th anniversary of the CDR in Jovellanos

Gloria Machado León 9 septiembre, 2016

The Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR) in the town of Jovellanos develop various activities to celebrate the anniversary 56 of its creation.

Marathons, volunteer work and meetings of knowledge between different areas are some of the tasks performed by these days.

According forward Gloria Armenteros, coordinator of the CDR in the jovellanense territory, the municipal act in honor of the organization will be held on September 23 in the town of Coliseo. This popular council meets contribution to the motherland and blood donations, as indicators that support the national forefront.

The CDR member Tomasa Enriquez, also worthy of high distinction, receive in your locality Jaime Lopez medal for decency and unity of the neighborhood, a reward for their systematic and delivery in each of the Committee’s tasks.

Regularly, the night of September 27th all constituencies held festivals and cultural evenings and remember the initial objectives of the CDR.

The largest association of masses of the country arrives this September 28th more than half a century with the same force of the early stages. Undoubtedly, the context has changed, but before any unforeseen its members continue with their guard up.


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