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When Journalism becomes awkward

Gloria Machado León 9 septiembre, 2016

About 170 communication professionals make up the Union of Journalists of Cuba (UPEC) in Matanzas. Journalism is a profession that comes between light and shadow, the construction of the independent project of nation and social and political processes of the island.

On the issue the president of the organization in the province, Yirmara Torres Hernandez, offers its considerations.

What is the situation of journalists in Matanzas?

I think that the conditions in practicing Journalism professionals Matanzas are the same as that of other colleagues of the island. There are ideal conditions for the material, there is a lack of transport and premises are damaged. In Matanzas the worst situation has radio and is almost heroic work here, but still continues to work.

What are the challenges of reporters in the province?

The Same as always, make a revolutionary journalism, which means changing everything that must be changed, because sometimes not understood that. They are doing very good things today and young people are integrated into the media. One example is Pedro Arturo Rizo, who with his mobile features informative move neurons, bothers many people and leaders … Some do not like it, but most grateful. That’s part of the work we do and if that does something, is very important.

The Greatest strength has Journalism in Matanzas is his young strength that comes, to change or to change.

And what about decision makers?

The National president of the UPEC, Antonio Molto, said at the last plenary session that the organization has spent years introducing the Communist Party of Cuba, the top leadership of the country, the problems of journalists.

The Makers are taking too long to make such decisions, decisions that are urgently needed to improve journalism in Cuba.

 There’s a key to understanding the Cuban press:  Revolution, Socialism, Journalism, Julio Garcia Luis and many people do not you read that book. The answers to many questions are there.

There’s who says why criticize both the press and the press is public and that’s fine. In the end, Cuban journalists respond to the people.

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