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Two lands and a crib: our danzón comes back to Mexico

Gloria Machado León 14 septiembre, 2016

Culture is a successful way to bring people, food becomes premise that systematic expressions of cultural collaboration between Cuba and several nations. An example is the presence of matanceros creators in a Cuban delegation from the visual arts, dance and music, leaves its traces in various states of Mexico, offering their art and talent.

As part of this advanced young musician Ethiel matancero Failde, leading exponent of danzón in the province, he enjoyed first of Aztec traditions. “I was in today, Mexico City, in Puebla, Jalisco. My presence there was a choice of Sister Cities Committee who has seen the work of the orchestra on the Internet. When the presidents of Michoacan visited Matanzas requested my presence at a meeting in the provincial government; Hence the impact of Miguel Failde for Cuban culture explained.

“In addition, we had commitments in other events danzón, important for our musical group. We participated in radio and television and appeared on the flat press. “

As explained by the young musician, the aim of this project is to make the exchange between the two , specifically between the state of Michoacan and the province of Matanzas, in areas of cultural life takes hold.

“In that sense Professor Nancy Dickinson taught dance in which he showed how the genres of traditional Cuban dance music; plastic artists give away beautiful murals in several states and teach painting workshops to children and youth. In my case, I had the opportunity to offer several conversations.

“This project allows reciprocal interaction Mexicans grow closer to Cuban culture and, especially, to Matanzas.”

During the stay in Aztec land, Ethiel promoted his work as director of the Orchestra Miguel Failde, in addition to lecturing at the headquarters of the National Folkloric Ballet.

So the talented flutist attended as a special guest Danzon Festival in Puebla and presented his album Failde arrived in the city of Cuernavaca, located in the State of Morelos and in the main coliseum Coyoacan Ecological Park Cultural Complex.

“A beautiful experience where Barberán dancers showed how the danzón dance in Mexico, from various genres, even danced one of the danzón orchestra Miguel Failde. Sold more than 70 albums. Were unforgettable moments that enabled start new hires. ”

He also sent to Havana two issues of his radio program Danzoneando that since early this month changed its schedule and now airs on Saturdays from 1 pm, by the frequencies of Radio Taino, due to the acceptance that has won among listeners.

The permanence of the most important defender of the Cuban national dance and director of one of the youngest professional groups of Cuba in Mexico, allowed him to assess how the Aztec country danzón live.

“I really must say that Mexico has itself taken the danzón. There they dance every day because gender is broadcast in living rooms and spaces. In each classroom, for example, there are 3 weekly presentations.

Clusters are always on the move, rotate, harmoniously discuss what it must operate every day. Mexicans have taken it as their own. It is a culture, they leave at 5 pm from their jobs and go straight to the dances. “

Mexico for years disputed with Cuba being the birthplace of danzón, genre created and premiered by Miguel Failde in the Artistic and Literary Liceo of Matanzas city, but in compensation has managed to defend it, carry it forward, without perishing even after several decades.

Ethiel also referred to personal experiences of Mexican youth, which were also included in his radio program Danzoneando. “I saw there very young dancing Danzón, boys attending schools. In the program I interviewed a teenager who told me the danzón is his life, who has raised him hearing and advised everyone not to waste time and join this danzonero movement because it is delicious, because you live and enjoy.

The evolution of rhythm, far from abandoning its essence, allow recontextualisation and enrichment of danzón, factors that have allowed their roots in the culture of Mexico and Cuba, especially matanceros, we internalize. “In Mexico does not perish because danzón dance academies support the enrichment of choreography and routines. We must let go, without losing the sense of why it is our national dance and Intangible Heritage of the Cuban Nation.

 “They accepted with enthusiasm the proposals of the Miguel Failde Orchestra , I moved them during my stay there, as the danzón and other timba rhythms that has been associated genre today, new sonorities we defend.

“I think the International Meeting Danzonero Migue Failde in Memoriam, which will have its second edition between 29 March and 2 April in the city of Matanzas, succeed in matanceros learn from those experiences, that Barberán of Cuba concienticen that developments should allow gender to be strengthened. “

During his stay in Aztec land, Ethiel promoted the work of the Miguel Failde Orchestra , lectured at the headquarters of the National Folkloric Ballet and guest attended the Festival of Danzon in Puebla. As he announced hiring and made appropriate adjustments to return to Mexico tomorrow, September 15, when the Independence Day of that country are held.


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