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A 25 years ratify and enforce the Convention on the Rights of the Child

Gloria Machado León 21 septiembre, 2016
September 20th marked the 25th anniversary of which Cuba ratified and put into force the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the first instrument that brought together in a single text the whole range of human, economic, social, political and civil rights, as well as a set of standards for child protection.

Adopted on November 20 th, 1989 by the UN General Assembly, the Convention is a binding and binding on signatory states, certainly the vast majority of nations, except the United States and Somalia agreement.

Cuba signed this legal instrument, containing 54 articles, the January 26th, 1990, ratified on August 21, 1991 and September 20 of that year entered into force in the country.

It highlights the fact that the revolutionary government of the Caribbean island did not wait for the adoption of any treaty or international summit to devote his willingness to protect and guarantee the rights of children.

Since the 60s of the last century came into effect measures, programs and legislation that ensured that children and adolescents are entitled to the same rights enjoyed by all people, plus other specific derived from their status as people who are growing.

Indicators describing the situation of Cuban children make the most of the Antilles comparable with the industrialized and rich nations. The political commitment of the state and social mobilization of the people for the benefit of children and adolescents, together with shared responsibility and participation of agencies, institutions and organizations multisectoral manner, stand out as the fundamental premises that have allowed and will allow respond to the proposed goals and give attention to proper development of children’s rights.

Repeatedly Cuba is known for the UNESCO and UNICEF as the model country in implementing the Convention on the Rights of the Child and have experiences to show the world, in key areas such as education and health, which are free and accessible for all.

Like millions of Cuban pioneers, a group of sixth graders of the , from the Seguidores de Camilo y Che Elementary School located in the Armando Mestre neighborhood from Matanzas, the essential aspects of the Convention dominate and feel happy to live in a country that respects their rights.

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