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The Revolution is and will be young

Gloria Machado León 26 septiembre, 2016

Students of the Vocational Pre-University Institute of Exact Sciences Carlos Marx rejected today in Matanzas subversive actions of World Learning Scholarship Program, funded by the US Agency for International Development (USAID).

This is an opportunity for ingerencista and subversive way of handling the most dynamic sector of society.

“However, we can never subvert because we are aware of the continuity of the revolutionary process and the fundamental role of Cuban youth,” said Adiel Alexis Martinez Rodriguez, president of the Federation of Students (FEEM) at school .

Scholarship Program World Learning is not represented on the island and acts behind the Ministry of Education.

The project is covered in section 109 of the Helms-Burton Act 1996 which expresses the use of the millions for ideological subversion in Cuba.

“The island has a long tradition of youth exchange to support the apprehension of knowledge, not afraid of that, because our culture is universal, capable of offering and accepting. However, it has always done on the basis of mutual and institutional respect, “said Liz Andrea Pagés, high school senior.

Only in 2015 over 300 thousand shares of academic exchange with American students took place, according to Granma newspaper.

“There is a generational difference, it is true, but we can not forget history. Who initiated this process were young and now up to us to keep it, because the revolution is and will be young, “said Liz Andrea.

The new shares are an interference Usaid our sovereignty and self-determination. We further demonstrate US policy in the context of the restoration of relations between Cuba and the United States.


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